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Chill Pills CBD dog treats from Chattanooga-based Barley Bones are made from spent malted barley, a by-product of the beer brewing process, in combination with organic oat and rye flours. Spent malted barley contains a high protein content, a high content of digestible fiber, a significantly low fat content, and is a great source of minerals, making it an excellent foundation for dog treats and foods. The addition of CBD makes this a high-quality treatable product that your dog will love!


Recommended dose size: One treat per 25 lbs of dog twice daily. The treats can be broken into halves or even thirds for smaller dogs.

8 ounces = Approximately 27 treats

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FLIP OVER THE BAG… and read the ingredients.

Each bag of Chill Pills TREATABLES by Barley Bones contains spent grain craft dog treats that are made from only the finest ingredients. Barley Bones sources spent barley from local breweries, and combine it with organic rye and oat flours to create an excellent foundation. Great pride is taken in creating a healthy treat, so you can reward your four-legged friends with only the best hand crafted treats.

Chill Pills are designed with your dogs health and needs in mind, these treats use an in-house produced salt-free organic chicken broth. Hemp-based CBD and olive oil blend to create these TREATABLES. Chicken broth is made in-house to avoid the added salt and onions found in commercial broths, and that matters when it is made for your dog.

When used along side a health and well rounded diet each treat formula is designed to deliver what your pup needs.


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